TOP 10 sites for IKEA hacking

The prestigious home decor magazaine Apartment Therapy has considered MrsPALS as one of the TOP 10 websites for IKEA hacking. This consideration is an honour for the MrsPALS team that works so hard to get the latest interior design trends to IKEA DIY.

While three major ebay, etsy and amazon are a great source for almost any type of ikea hacking technique (knobs, textile, coatings, vinyls, doors), specialists exist for every type of ikea diy product. On one hand, our competitors MyKea and Panyl have been selected together with MRsPALS in the category of vinyls and stickers.

More expensive IKEA hacking techniques include buyinh legs and doors and replacing the original ones. In this section superfront, overlays and pretty pegs are the best with a huge difference. Though, more expensive when compared to vinyls and stickers.

Covers are the most expensive type of IKEA revamping. However results are really nice interesting. In this category Bemz and Cover Couch are amongs the most inspiring ones.

Once again, MrsPALS team would like to thank for such a mention.

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