How to use

Mrs PALS technology allows easy removal and reapplication on IKEA furniture surface

Easy steps for a perfect application

Clean the surface

Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use other products because they might leave a residue that prevent the sticker from adhering correctly.

Apply a liquid solution

Mix a glass of water with 2 drops of soap and create a fluid solution. Spray or apply gently onto the furniture’s surface. This, together with MrsPALS vinyl technology, will help you easy repositioning and removing wrinkles.

Secure with tape

Tape the vinyl graphic in place and measure from multiple vantage points to ensure that it is positioned symmetrically as expected.

Remove backing paper and apply

With the tape functioning as a hinge, flip the vinyl graphic around and carefully remove the backing paper and apply on to the surface.


With a squeegee or a credit card, press firmly from center to corners in order to remove fluid or bubbles.

Allow 2h to dry

Allow at least 2 hours to dry beforee using the piece of furniture. If you need extra support, please do contact our Support team.


Unique creative furniture

Revamp dull furniture with adhesive vinyls as easy to apply as IKEA's instructions.




I used a couple of vinyls for a Kallax/Expedit in the office of my company. We couldn’t afford to buy expensive furniture but we wanted to create a creative atmosphere and that’s what these guys provided.

Andrea, MILANO

Personal shopper

I wanted to create something unique for my flat so I contacted Mr PALS guys in order to design a pattern in a pink houndstooth and that’s what they did. Thank you so much!



I was really worried about getting wrinkles and bubbles, but these vynils allow really easy reapplication and, on top of that, instructions help a lot.

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