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MrPALS helps you revamp your standard-looking IKEA furniture by adding easy-to-handle stickers

IKEA hacking

IKEA hacking is the name that normally is used for transforming a standard IKEA piece of furniture into a customized one by applying external non-IKEA techniques. There are millions names for it, but all of them mean the same: turning standard into something personal.

There are many options for revamping your IKEA furniture. Some of them are as easy as painting it, or changing legs or knobs. At MrsPALS we are focused on designing adhesive vinyls that are applied directly onto the furniture surface.

A vinyl is just an adhesive sticker that is cut to fit perfectly onto your piece of furniture. There is no other way for ikea hacking than MrsPALS’

It is really simple to revamp your IKEA piece of furniture. Clean the surface with a clean and dry cloth. Then just peel off the vinyl and put in the correct direction.

No problem. The MrsPALS vinyls are designed for that. You can easily remove the vinyl carefully and re-apply it. Everyone can do it. Ikea hacking has never been so simple.

No problem. You can either remove and reapply, or push the bubbles carefully towards the corner. MrsPALS technology makes it really simple. It has nothing to do with what you had used previously.

Nope. Stickers are similar in composition to the most external layer of your IKEA furniture. They got stick and they become a part of it.

MrsPALS technology has been designed for interiors and, provided no direct sunlight is shed upon thorough fully, it will last as long as your piece of furniture

Off course! That’s the best thing you can do. Grab an old IKEA piece of furniture and revamp it. An IKEA DIY is perfect for a makeover of old IKEA furniture. No problem if the piece of furniture is not perfect, you only need a smooth surface.


No problem again! We can make it for you. Let us know which texture you need and the piece of furniture. We will design it and add it to our portfolio

An IKEA DIY with your own texture? That’s a really good idea! Send us an email through our Contact us form and we will do it. Let us know what the piece of furniture is and the texture. Just a minor thing: bear in mind that you need at least 2000×2000 pixels for it. Why not using a picture of yours for an IKEA makeover?

Yes you can and yes you should. We need many alternatives for MrsPALS customers, so if you have ideas, share with us! The only requirement is that content should be original and you own the property rights. No third party (even Creative Commons) is accepted.


We ship to any country in the European Economic Union. Regarding other countries, please contact us first

If you receive the IKEA hacking components and they do not meet your expectations, please contact us to set up a return. Only unused products will be refunded.

It will take around 5 working days to get to your home.

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