This Is Who We Are

Get rid of dull furniture. Revamp standards into something that expresses yourself

Once upon a time, we were living in the wonderful city of Barcelona and we moved to another city. By then, we had some 10 different IKEA ® pieces of furniture. We had two Expedit (now called Kallax), a squared Lack table, a Malm chest and a Besta solution for the sitting room. Once we unpacked the stuff in the new house, we realised that furniture was so… so standard. The furniture did not express our way of doing, our way of thinking or our creative minds. It could be our house or someone else’s. No soul, no meaning, not ourselves.

And that is why we decided to create MrsPALS. We wanted to bring new solutions for revamping IKEA ® furniture into small pieces of art and inspiration.

We started small. We redecorated our house and few friends asked. So we helped them as well, and their friends asked as well, and we helped them too. So it went bigger and bigger and we decided to create our own venture.

Please get in and enjoy with us!

Customize the standards


Revamp your IKEA® furniture and express your personality.

Easy to apply

Easy to rellocate for a perfect application

“Learn the rules as a pro, so that you can break them as an artist``

Pablo Picasso

Our Amazing Team

C. Salinas

Co-founder & CEO

P. Almar



Your furniture will never look the same again