The TRIBAL trends for IKEA DIY

Finally we designed what many of you have been asking for: a collection about tribal motives. We started with arrows, but soon we will be presenting week after week new compositions within this new collection.

As any of our vinyls, they are really easy-to-apply. Never ever IKEA customizing has been so easy and remember, MRsPALS technology helps you to reposition easily if you did not do it right the first time.

The Hexagons Collection for Kids Decor

Today we wanted to present to you our new collection based on hexagons motives. MrsPALS team of designers have inspiring for long in order to obtain a modern design that somehow makes you remind of 60s-70s. Definitely one of the most appealing Ikea hacking collection from MrsPALS

Kids decor

Hexagons in the pink-and-blue combination can be easily used on a kids room.

Colour combinations

Hexagon collection is offered in 5 colour variations that include orange, pink, pale red and yellow (on trend this year), pink and blue and pale orange and pink



Browse now all the possibilities of the Hexagons collection

Did you know about IKEA? The IKEA Infographic

In MrsPALS we love IKEA furniture. Well, we love it as a creative basis. As a blank canvas to paint on. As a consequence, we read about 3 to 4 articles a day about IKEA. So we are pretty familiar with the numbers of this huge company. However, last week I was speaking to a friend and he got amazed at the number of units that IKEA is selling every year of its world famous Billy bookshelf.

So we decided to summarize all the numbers that shocked us the most. In our MMMM (MrsPals Monday Morning Meeting) we started to brainstorm and we came out with a full list. Did you know that 1 out of 10 European babies were conceived on IKEA beds? Do you know how many beds that represents?

How standard your IKEA furniture is. The IKEA Infographic

But not only that, 1 billy bookshelf is sold every 10 seconds. Come on! Thats a lot. Isn’t. All of them looking the same, OMG!

Currently, IKEA has a portfolio of 9.500 references, but considering that many of them are from gardening, cookware, tableware, foods and beverages, we have approximately 3.000 pieces of furniture. But if we consider the colours as well, there are around 1.500 different pieces only. 1.500 different products for all the houses in all the world. That is nothing.

In addition, if we consider the 783 million visits a year plus the 2.1 billion to, the odds are for finding the same furniture in all your friends houses.

And that is precisely the main objective of MrsPALS team, to provide simple DIY hacks in order to make your IKEA furniture stand out from the rest.

Presenting the Colours Collection

Today is Blue Monday. The day that has been calculated as the sadest day in the year. How come? It is very simple: a collection of bad things happening all together at the same very day. Bad weather, failing to meet New Year Resolutions, the first day in the week, long after last holidays and a long long time ahead with no changes at sight.

That is why, Mrs PALS recommends to break up with all these bad things. We do not want any other Blue Monday again… and we decided to publish today our new fashionable collection: The Colours Collection. A collection of bright calid colors that make your furniture look cozier than usual.

The super-easy to install MrsPALS adhesive vynils create a renovated IKEA Hemnes chest that fits your home’s atmosphere.

A dull standard Kallax Shelving unit can be customized with IKEA DIY vinyils like these from MrsPALS.

The Colours Collection is offered as well for Malm furniture in 2, 3 or 6 drawers. Depending on the number of drawers, the colour palette might be wider. If you miss a colour combination, MRsPALS will be pleased to craft it for you. Contact us and we will make it happen.

Browse the Colours Collection here.

The Union Jack flagged furniture inspiration

Today the United Kingdom decided to exit the European Union and, in the middle of the political and stockexchange turmoil, we have been through one of the tendencies we love most. That is using flags for revamping your standard IKEA furniture.

Let’s start with the standard Union Jack covering for the 8 drawer chest from the Hemnes Series. MrsPALS adhesive vinyls use a special technology that allows easy application and detach.


Imagine the simple Ikea MALM chest in your room with a Union Jack with new colours that match your home decor: light coloured union jack, black and blue or a minimalist black and white.


IKEA hack deep blue union jack vinyl for ikea revamp


But if you want to go further, the pink camou union jack is the best for you.


Hope you liked our post on the UK Union Jack cover ups for your IKEA furniture. Browse MrsPals Union-Jack possibilities on our shop.

Yet a simple manner of revamping your furniture. Just clean with a wet cloth and apply smoothly.