Best Ikea Hacking for your Malm 3

The Malm 3 drawer chest is one in IKEAS top 5 best sellers. Millions of us have one at home. Though some use their malm for creating different spaces, they always look the same. However, hacking the Malm chest is one of the easiest while the results are really incredible. Today we are giving you some ideas performed with MrsPALS stickers.

Our first proposal is a render of an office using two malm 3 drawers and a table on top. In this case, we inspired in MRsPALS DIY collection Tribal and Marble options. Both alternatives bring colour to the office while keeping balance as a whole. Revamping IKEA furniture is so simple with MrsPALS technology. Just peel off the sticker and put it onto the clean surface.

Green marble provides a really stylish look that matches with both black and green that use the most of the items in the office.

MRsPALS tribal collection can alos be used in kids beedrooms as soft colours and motives can be used almost everywhere. In this case, we used a wood coloured ikea.

IKEA revamping has never been so easy. You order, received at home, clean the surface and apply. That’s it! As easy as mounting any IKEA furniture.

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