Best Ikea Hacking for your Malm 3

The Malm 3 drawer chest is one in IKEAS top 5 best sellers. Millions of us have one at home. Though some use their malm for creating different spaces, they always look the same. However, hacking the Malm chest is one of the easiest while the results are really incredible. Today we are giving you some ideas performed with MrsPALS stickers.

Our first proposal is a render of an office using two malm 3 drawers and a table on top. In this case, we inspired in MRsPALS DIY collection Tribal and Marble options. Both alternatives bring colour to the office while keeping balance as a whole. Revamping IKEA furniture is so simple with MrsPALS technology. Just peel off the sticker and put it onto the clean surface.

Green marble provides a really stylish look that matches with both black and green that use the most of the items in the office.

MRsPALS tribal collection can alos be used in kids beedrooms as soft colours and motives can be used almost everywhere. In this case, we used a wood coloured ikea.

IKEA revamping has never been so easy. You order, received at home, clean the surface and apply. That’s it! As easy as mounting any IKEA furniture.

TOP 10 sites for IKEA hacking

The prestigious home decor magazaine Apartment Therapy has considered MrsPALS as one of the TOP 10 websites for IKEA hacking. This consideration is an honour for the MrsPALS team that works so hard to get the latest interior design trends to IKEA DIY.

While three major ebay, etsy and amazon are a great source for almost any type of ikea hacking technique (knobs, textile, coatings, vinyls, doors), specialists exist for every type of ikea diy product. On one hand, our competitors MyKea and Panyl have been selected together with MRsPALS in the category of vinyls and stickers.

More expensive IKEA hacking techniques include buyinh legs and doors and replacing the original ones. In this section superfront, overlays and pretty pegs are the best with a huge difference. Though, more expensive when compared to vinyls and stickers.

Covers are the most expensive type of IKEA revamping. However results are really nice interesting. In this category Bemz and Cover Couch are amongs the most inspiring ones.

Once again, MrsPALS team would like to thank for such a mention.

TOP 50 ideas for hacking your IKEA Lack squared table

Almost anyone has an IKEA lack squared table at home. Most of us bought it for the hilarious prices, we mounted and… we did not know much what to do with it. But it was so cheap that we left it on a corner and put loads of stuff on it. Today, MRsPALS has desined a special collection for revamping your forgotten IKEA Lack table and making a new use of it.

Based on latest trends, we design a Marble colection. Marble is being used a lot in IKEA hacking, so we thought. Why not? and we created 5 different options for you. No worries, remember that MrsPALS products are as easy as mounting any piece in the IKEA portfolio.

White Faux Marble is our best seller from the Marble IKEA hack collection for Lack small table. Other options include green, brown or granite textures.

Moroccan tiles might match with your home decoration, turning a corner spot to a stylish and sofisticated place that could be complemented with lamps and candles.

Using New York Industrial looking, we designed a collection based on reclaimed woods with really nice textures. It is awesome to see how a simple vinyl makes the difference, turning a dull standard IKEA lack table into something stylish. Revamping an IKEA Lack table has never been so easy. Anyone can make over any ikea furniture with such an easy technology as MrsPALS. Remember that if you fail to do it perfectly at the first time, MrsPALS ikea hacking vinyls can be reapplied so easily.

More trend forward people cater for designs in more vivid colours that can upcycle the IKEA lack into something that nothing has to do with the original IKEA table.

MrsPALS technology has been designed for everyone. Anyone capable of mounting an IKEA piece of furniture can hack so easily. Ikea hacking is about making things more personal. Expressing yourself through your furniture. Not looking the same anymore.