Presenting the Colours Collection

Today is Blue Monday. The day that has been calculated as the sadest day in the year. How come? It is very simple: a collection of bad things happening all together at the same very day. Bad weather, failing to meet New Year Resolutions, the first day in the week, long after last holidays and a long long time ahead with no changes at sight.

That is why, Mrs PALS recommends to break up with all these bad things. We do not want any other Blue Monday again… and we decided to publish today our new fashionable collection: The Colours Collection. A collection of bright calid colors that make your furniture look cozier than usual.

The super-easy to install MrsPALS adhesive vynils create a renovated IKEA Hemnes chest that fits your home’s atmosphere.

A dull standard Kallax Shelving unit can be customized with IKEA DIY vinyils like these from MrsPALS.

The Colours Collection is offered as well for Malm furniture in 2, 3 or 6 drawers. Depending on the number of drawers, the colour palette might be wider. If you miss a colour combination, MRsPALS will be pleased to craft it for you. Contact us and we will make it happen.

Browse the Colours Collection here.