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MrsPALS products are really easy to install. You recieve our vinyl at home and just peel off, center and apply onto the surface. As easy as mounting any IKEA furniture. IKEA hacking has never been so easy!


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Sabrina Castagnino, Bolognia

Interior designer

I had seen people doing IKEA DIYs for customizing their ikea furniture and I found it kind of difficult. But when I saw a company focused on ikea hacking, I decided to try. It was really easy and simple to apply an original vinyl on my KALLAX.

Jean Pierre Lancelin

Sales Manager

I came accross MrsPALS through Pinterest when searching ideas for my new home decoration. Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, I upgraded my old IKEA Malm and I got a fantastic makeover. It has become the center piece of my bedroom and everyone who visits home says they didn’t hear about this faux marble IKEA wardrobe.

Jane Bourne

Fashion designer

My friend Paul told me about it. At first I was reluctant, but he insisted. I came accross MRsPALS collection and I found something that incredibly match my personality and I tried. It was really easy: just clean surface and apply. A few months later, a friend of mine told me this was ikea hacking, that’s how I knew I was an Ikea hacker

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